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TRI WEST Opens First Multi-Resort - Multi-Location Timeshare Resale and Rental Vacation Gallery

LOS ANGELES--- A multi-resort, multi-location timeshare resale and rental vacation gallery is now open near Marina del Rey in West Los Angeles. The 1800 square foot gallery is located on the first floor of TRI West's office building on Washington Blvd.

"We wanted an area where people could come and learn about the benefits of timeshares in a comfortable hotel-library setting", said gallery designer and VP of Operations Viccie Mac. The gallery gives the client an opportunity to investigate properties and ownership alternatives from Hawaii to Florida and from Mexico to the Caribbean, added Viccie Mac of TRI West. The gallery is perfect for helping someone start or add to their timeshare portfolio. Clients can evaluate all their vacation options in one spot and once they have made their selection, TRI West licensed agents can negotiate the best deal and complete the transaction for them. "There is a timeshare for everyone and we can help them find the right timeshare for their family", said Mac.

To obtain more information about the gallery or general information about TRI West's other timeshare educational services, contact:

TRI West
13353 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90066

The nationwide toll-free info line is (800) 423- 6377.
TRI West can be reached worldwide at

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