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LOS ANGELES--- Timeshare Resale Broker Alliance (RBA) updates resale guidelines for 2000 to better meet the needs of timeshare consumers, state regulators and industry organizations.

"The updated guidelines now include specific consumer protection and self-regulation requirements for advance fees, appraisal fees, disclosures, escrow tracking and title policies," said RBA Broker coordinator Viccie Mac. These recent changes compliment and integrate the resale goals of state regulators in both California and Florida as well as the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) added Sonja Merritt, RBA Affilate coordinator.

The original set of 11 guidelines were established in June of 1996 to promote the orderly growth and self- regulation of independent timeshare resale brokers. These original guidelines addressed the areas of timeshare experience, licensing, escrows, title insurance, full disclosure to the consumers and a cooperative working relationship with other RBA members.

To obtain more information about Timeshare RBA, contact: Broker coordinator Viccie Mac in California at 310-823-7552 or Affiliate coordinator Sonja Merritt in Florida at 407-370-2373.

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