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LOS ANGELES--- At their annual meeting held last week in Las Vegas during the ARDA convention, the RBA founding members unanimously agreed to work with their state regulators to implement self- regulation programs for the timeshare resale industry.

"Self-regulation and compliance with the various state laws regarding resales is essential in protecting the consumer and establishing a viable secondary market for the timeshare industry," said CA RBA founding member Mario Collura. Naturally we hope that self-regulation will work in most cases, but if not; the next step will be to notify state regulators of all non-complying companies added Collura.

At last years annual meeting, the founding members formally announced a set of 11 guidelines to promote the orderly growth and self-regulation of independent timeshare resale brokers. These guidelines addressed the areas of experience, licensing, escrows, title insurance, full disclosure to the consumers and a co-operative working relationship with other RBA members.

To obtain more information about RBA, contact one of the founding members or call Mario Collura of TRI WEST at (800) 423-6377.

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