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What people are saying about the directory ...

"The directory is good for anybody who wants to know more about what resorts are where, how they are rated, which areas have more places, etc.

One thing I really like is how it shows the dual affiliations (both RCI and II). And if you are dealing with one of the smaller exchange agencies, this book will tell you which exchange company, page number and where to go for more info on the resorts."

Fern Modena, Travel/TimeShare Memrep
Prodigy Travel Bullitem Board
  "Quick and easy! The Alphabetical and Geographical sections make looking up any resort SIMPLE! It saves my entire rental department time."

Bonnie Kosco, Rentals Manager
"TRI's Resort Directory gathers key information, resulting in an accessable and valuable resource for the entire timeshare marketplace"

Brian Hurley, Owner
InterCity Escrow Services
  "Great reference resource for timeshare owners."

Woody G. Cary, President
Tricom Management, Inc.
"a 'must have' book that looks like a book in the $20-25 range, but I was pleased to learn it was only $12.95"

Brian Talbot, TS Owner
Shelton, Connecticut
  "Extremely useful. Real Timesaver. Glad I bought it."

Larry Hayden, Owner
Vacation Realty Resales

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