Tip 5 - Upfront Fees

Since timing is very important in securing a favorable rental, the rental broker should have the maximum incentive to perform. As a result the owner should never pay an up-front fee to list their timeshare for rental only. Since rental company programs vary widely, it is important that you compare any companies program with at least one licensed timeshare broker before you list.

When comparing rental companies, keep the following questions in mind:

1. Is the company a licensed timeshare broker?
2. Do they have a reasonable commission incentive for their salespeople and broker network?
3. If they have no commission, how can they get salespeople to rent your timeshare?
4. What specific services is the company providing for their fee? (i.e. special ads, mls, internet)
5. Can they show that they are currently providing these services for other timeshare owners?
6. Can and will the company properly negotiate your deal and follow the transaction thru the completion of the rental?
7. Does the rental company also do exchanges and is your rental listing merely an exchange in disguise?

Beware of any company promising a refund of the up-front fee for rental. Most states have strict trust record guidelines for advance fee refunds. These guidelines and the economics of the rental make any refund unrealistic. Any up-front fee must have a very specific purpose and be outlined in detail describing the actual service.


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