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To create and maintain an organization of timeshare resale brokers and related companies to facilitate the orderly and ethical development of the secondary timeshare market through the promotion of self regulation and industry cooperation.


  1. Create the Timeshare RBA entity
  2. Promote membership to resale brokers and supporting industry businesses
  3. Raise funds through memberships, contributions, conventions
  4. Provide clear definitive guidelines for members
  5. Monitor Timeshare RBA members for guideline compliance
  6. Arbitrate differences between members for fair resolutions
  7. Obtain state regulator endorsements through cooperative efforts
  8. Mediate consumer complaints before state regulator interference
  9. Provide a web site to support Timeshare RBA efforts in:

    1. memberships and guidelines
    2. state regulations and guidelines
    3. consumer complaints and resolutions
    4. member communications and yellow pages
    5. member education, meetings, conventions
    6. information hot-line alerts
    7. co-op broker network

  10. Organize annual Timeshare RBA meeting emphasizing resale growth, focus and direction for the secondary resale timeshare market
  11. Timeshare-RBA will apply for ARDA membership
  12. Project and promote a positive resale timeshare image

Organizational Structure

A non profit corporation with by-laws outlining; voting, monitoring, allocation of funds, arbitration and stae delegate representation.


  • Broker Member - fully compliant broker-agents
  • Associate Member - compliant, but requiring tenure
  • Affiliate Member - affiliated business


  • Monitor member compliance of Timeshare RBA guidelines
  • Mediate resale consumer complaints
  • Support state regulatory and department of R.E. compliance

Timeshare RBA Guidelines

General Member Provisions

  1. Maintain the following licensing, membership and timeshare experience:

    1. licensed with their state/country department of real estate
    2. adhere to industry related association code of ethics
    3. have a minimum of 1 year active timeshare RESALE experience
    4. licensed as an active real estate broker for at least 1 year have successfully opened, processed and closed at least 25 individual resale timeshare sales transactions with in the last 12 months

  2. Maintain a business location available to the general public.
  3. Provide full service broker services including sales and listings of timeshare resale properties.
  4. Members will disclose to Timeshare RBA any acquired or established interest in any other related timeshare business and will be responsible for said businesses.
  5. Members will submit to binding arbitration.
  6. Members will report violations and consumer complaints to Timeshare RBA.

Transaction Provisions

  • Members shall provide a full disclosure contract and use a written contract in the execution of all listing and/or sales transactions.
  • Members shall use 3rd party escrow companies.
  • Members shall use 3rd party title companies for all deeded properties and non deeded wherein title is available.
  • Members shall cooperate with other Timeshare RBA members on a 50/50 commission split and/or a prior, agreed to, written commission split.


  • Provide sellers, buyers, and/or prospective clients with a written information package explaining programs and services provided.
  • Member will not imply any guarantees or knowingly convey any false untrue, deceptive, inflated or misleading information to buyers, sellers or prospective clients.
  • Member must disclose and obtain seller written agreement regarding the terms of using seller occupancy rights prior to using such occupancy rights.

Compliance with Applicable Law

  • Member must comply with all applicable real estate brokerage and licensing regulations.
  • No advance fees may be collected unless a signed, written agreement with seller outlining refund policy, trust account arrangement for fees, full accounting of services to be provided, and how funds will be disbursed exists prior to collection of any fees. This advance fee must be optional and not a condition of accepting the listing.
  • Member is not permitted to require an appraisal of the timeshare interest as a condition of accepting the listing.


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