Mario's KBNP Radio Interview
September 17, 2007 Owning A Timeshare

  • Have you ever thought about buying a timeshare?
  • Ever bought a timeshare and then later regretted it?
  • Have you ever tried to sell your timeshare?

Even if you answered no to all of these questions, you'll still want to listen in this week as Mario Collura shares with us his vast experience as a timeshare broker.

As the owner of a hugely successful business in the vacation capital of the west, Los Angeles, Mario will tell us how to avoid the pitfalls of buying and selling timeshares, and more importantly, how to get the most enjoyment out of owning one. After hearing what he has to say, you'll be sure to see timeshares a little differently, no matter what your experience or lack thereof.

1. Introduction
15. Is Your Name Actually on the Deed?
2. Making a Timeshare Decision
16. Right to Use Ownership
3. Buy Where You Want to Go
17. Deed Ownership
4. Timeshare Price Ranges
18. Why Escrow?
5. Timeshares are for Families
19. Why Title Insurance?
6. Buy the Biggest and Best Unit You Can Afford
20. Timeshare Pitfalls
7. Buy a High Demand Location
21. Timeshare Break Even Point
8. How do I Exchange My Timeshare?
22. Mario's Favorite Tip
9. Build a Timeshare Portfolio (part 1)
23. Look at the Cost of the Land and Building
10. Build a Timeshare Portfolio (part 2)
24. What Questions Should I be Asking?
11. Average Age of Buyers
25. Cost of a Hotel vs. Timeshare
12. Baby Boomer Demand
26. You Feel Like You're at Home
13. How Does a Timeshare Work?
27. Work with an Experienced Timeshare Real Estate Broker
14. Timeshare Usage


Mark G. Neil President of NW Wealth Advisors & Host of "Your Money & Your Life" on KBNP 1410 AM
and Rachel J. Hommel Research Analyst

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