Powell Place City/Share - San Francisco, CA

Powell Place City/Share, San Francisco, CA, United States, USA, Powell Place City/Share, San Francisco, CA, United States, USA,
Address 730 Powell St.
Ownership Floating Deed
Bedrooms ST, 1BR
Exchange II/RCI
Rating Premier
Gold Crown
Price Ranges Low High
Original 7,000 15,000
Resale 3,000 6,500
Rental 600 900
For information contact TRI West
US Toll Free (800) 423-6377
Phone (310) 823-7552
FAX (310) 823-7553
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Sale: 7 / Rent: 0
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Resort Amenities
Air Conditioning - Restaurant Nearby
Beach - Skiiing - Cross County -
Boating 2M 2 Miles Skiing - Downhill -
Fireplace - Swimming Pool -
Fishing 1M 1 Mile Telephone All Units
Golf 15M 15 Miles Tennis 1M 1 Mile
Horseback Riding 4M 4 Miles Water Skiing 8M 8 Miles
Kitchen Full Kitchen Whirlpool / Hot Tub Nearby
Lake - Check-in Times 4pm/11am
Laundry Nearby Check-in Days Fr
Raquetball Nearby

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