Until timesharing there were two basic alternatives to taking vacations:

1) Rent a hotel room - with constantly increasing rates, reservation hassles and none of the comforts of home

2) Own a resort home or condo - for lots of dollars (which is probably only used a couple of weeks a year, but requires year round maintenance.)

Timeshare introduced new dynamics to the vacation equation. When you have 50 vacation partners sharing the cost of a condo, you achieve remarkable results:

1) You can afford luxury accommodations with professional management and resort type amenities

2) With 51 owners (rather than just one) sharing the cost of the utilities, insurance, landscaping, security and maintenance - your share of annual expenses are much less than bearing all expenses yourself.

Vacation Ownership makes economic sense.


Resales provide a cost savings because the initial resort sales are an expensive proposition. The developer must sell each condo 51 times over a sales period of 2-4 years, during which time the developer absorbs extraordinary marketing expenses and carrying costs. These costs are passed on to the consumer and make up approximately 50% of the purchase price of a retail timeshare unit. These expenses are legitimate and the resorts could not get built without them. But, when the secondary market (resales) enters the picture, consumers are furnished with an option that provides the best possible scenario. With resales the marketing expenses are less, so you can expect to save at least 25-50% off retail when you buy your resale timeshare through TRI WEST. There is no difference in the ownership, as the benefits are the same for the new owner!


Timeshare is a long term investment in a vacation lifestyle that pays off over time and provides more benefits the longer you own and use it. It is a prepaid vacation that allows you to lock in future vacation costs at today's prices and save more money for every year you use it. With the added benefits of enjoying a fully furnished luxury suite of roomsóincluding living area, kitchen and bedrooms and obtaining substantial savings on resort amenities and meals, timeshare truly is a long term value. If you like to vacation and want the benefits of a luxury suite for the price of an average hotel room, then vacation ownership is for you.

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