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LOS ANGELES--- "With over 30% of owners interested in reselling or renting their timeshare, resales and rentals are an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of timesharing
at bargain prices," says real estate broker Mario Collura of TRI WEST.

Collura's firm has over 6,000 current listings worldwide with a large selection in Southern California, Hawaii and Mexico. Free information on available listings as well as
consumer tips on renting or buying timeshares is provided by TRI WEST licensed salespeople. Collura says, "prospective buyers and sellers should be careful when working in the secondary marketplace, since it is still maturing and there have been abuses by some unlicensed companies."

Collura recommends the following:

  • Work only with licensed real estate companies
  • Ask for a copy of brokers resale/rental program
  • Beware of guarantees of any type
  • Upfront fee should not exceed $200
  • Broker should have a commission incentive

TRI WEST has been actively involved in developing the timeshare resale marketplace since 1981 and has sold over 2000timeshares since 1985. In addition to its online database of resales and rentals, TRI WEST sponsors an annual auction in the L.A. Airport/Marina area each fall.
According to Collura the auction is the best way to bring sellers and buyers together for a quick sale at a bargain price. This year's auction is scheduled for Sunday, September 28th.

To obtain rental or resale information or to receive a free catalog of the auction listings,

Contact TRI West at

13353 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

800-423-6377 nationwide toll-free or by email at

TRI WEST can be reached online at

The Piatelli Company is the official auctioneer for "Timeshare Auction '97."

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