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Timesharing Today, May/June 2019

TRI West - Four Decades of Fractional History

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Timesharing Today, May/June 2018

Stabilizing The Resale Market

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Timesharing Today, July 2017

Four Seasons Residence Clubs choose Tri West

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Resort Trades, June 2017

TRI West Real Estate Selected as Authorized Resale Broker for Four Seasons Residence Clubs Aviara and Scottsdale

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Developments, June 2010

Trends: Sales & Marketing, Marge Lennon

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Developments, May 2010

Convention: Resale Forum looks to solutions, Judy Kenninger

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Tampa Bay Online, January 2010

More than time to share, George Wilkins

View Article, December 2009

Should you buy a timeshare now? Chuck Green

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Developments, October 2008

Successfully Selling Timeshares in the Secondary Market

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NACAA Consumer Protection Conference, Jun 2008

Timeshares: Preventing a Vacation Nightmare

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TimeSharing Today, May/Jun 2008

Why you need a licensed broker for resales

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Vacation Ownership World, Mar/Apr 2008

The top ideas in vacation ownership

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TimeSharing Today, Nov/Dec 2007

Profile: TRI West Real Estate

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Resort + Recreation, Nov/Dec 2007

The Search is On, How to Hire a Management, Stacey McArthur

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LA Daily News, June 2007

To share or not to share

Time-share vs. hotel: It's no simple choice

Barbara Correa, Staff writer

Article Last Updated: 06/16/2007 05:58:28 PM PDT

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TimeSharing Today, Nov/Dec 2004

Metamorphosis of the Resale Marketplace High-End Fractional Resales.

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The New York Times, Sep 2004

Playing the Timeshare Trade Game, Charles Passy

Total Business Lifestyle (in partnership with Financial Times of London), Aug 2003

Chats to Mario Collura (Tri West) and Brian Waites (TAG),the Founders of the Resale Broker Alliance.

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Vacation Ownership World, June 2003

Cover Story The resales market continues to proliferate.

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Fine Living, Tricks of the Trade, Feb 2003 - Cable Program.,1663,FINE_9157_21428,00.html

Vacation Ownership World, Sep 2001

Cover Story Resale broker TRI West adds storefront gallery to its array of other distribution channels.

Washington Post - April 29, 2001

Timeshares Get Class.. Yes Timeshares, Carolyn Spenser Brown - Page E1-E7

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USA Today - 6/6/2000

Net reveals time-share resale secrets (no longer online)

Available at

Family Circle - April 18,2000

Your Dream Vacation, Katherine Vogele p42

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - November 1999

Time Shares without the Hard Sell, Elizabeth Razzi p57-58

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Vacation Ownership World - June 1999

Resales reach "critical mass" pgs 8-14

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Coastal Living - Nov - Dec 1997

Time to Buy a Timeshare pgs 132 - 135

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Bloomberg On Line - Personal Wealth - September 12, 1997

Seven Secrets of Vacation Timsehares

RCI Perspective - July . August 1997

Wrestling with Resales pgs 8-13

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BusinessWeek - 4/14/97

Timeshares: Their time has come

Kiplinger's Retirement Report - March 1997

Timeshares: What You Should Know - p10

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Consumer Reports Travel Letter - Feburary 1997

Traveler's Notes - p42

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Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine - Oct 1995

Timeshares Grow Up, by Elizabeth Razzi, p67-70

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RESORT - Development & Operation - Sep 1995

TRI offers on-line Timeshare Bluebook, p13-14

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Los Angeles Business Journal - Sep 1985

Time-sharing condos: Buy secondhand, experts advise

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