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In the early days of timesharing it was clear that a way was needed to overcome the typical owners objection to having to visit the same resort year after year. As a result, independent exchange companies were created to assist timeshare owners exchange their units for other units worldwide. Although there has been a number of exchange organizations over the years, the two major current exchange companies are Interval International (II) and Resort Condominiums International (RCI).


Each company:

   1. Has an initiation fee which is usually waived at
      time of purchase. ($200)
   2. Charges an annual fee which includes a directory
      of the company's resorts. ($84 - $89) 
   3. Charges an exchange fee when a successful exchange
      is made. ($135 - $189)
   4. Allows members to deposit their weeks in advance for
      exchange use earlier or at a later date. (1 - 2 yrs)
   5. Usually restricts your exchange to trades of equal
      or lesser quality.
   6. Provides better results when owner is trading the 
      highest season and/or the largest unit.
   7. Provides upgrades on a last minute space available 
   8. Defines exchange demand by - high, mid   , and low 
                  II  equivalent - red , yellow, and green
                  RCI equivalent - red , white , and blue
   9. Rates a selected group of resorts as outstanding.
                 II  - Five Star    RCI - Gold Crown
                 RCI - Silver Crown

In addition to II and RCI, there are several smaller exchange companies with a variety of different programs. Check with your resort or management company for a list of these companies and their success rate.

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