Tip 21 - Club Ownership

In order to give the timeshare owner the ability to use a number of different resorts with the purchase of just one timeshare week without exchanging, a number of developers began offering a modified type of ownership known as club ownership. Although the clubs could be deeded, right to use, leasehold, fixed, floating, sold by the week, sold by points, or any possible combination; the one thing they had in common was that they had or planned to have more than one resort in the club and the owners could pick the resort of their choice without an exchange fee.


The difficulty with most club operations is that the credibility and financial strength of the developer is crucial in the initial success and long term viability of the club operations. As a result many of the club operations started early on, have failed or are operating under circumstances vastly different from the initial club charter. Potential club buyers should carefully evaluate the developer or current owner/manager of any club ownership program.

Some of the clubs I am and have been aware of are:

    1. America's Travel & Vacation Club -  Reorganized 
    2. Club Regency Interntnl           -  Failed
    3. Disney Vacation Club             -  Brand Name
    4. Gold Key Vacation Club           -  Failed
    5. Royal Aloha Vacation Club        -  Reorganized
    6. Royal Holiday Club               -  Mexico Based 
    7. Sweetwater Condoshare            -  Reorganized
    8. United Resorts Interntnl         -  Failed
    9. United Vacation Club             -  Failed
   10. VI (Sunterra Pacific)            -  Good track record
   11. Vacation Spa Resorts             -  Reorganized
   12. West Coast Timeshares            -  Reorganized
   13. World Class (Perennial Vac Rst)  -  Reorganized
   14. World Interntnl Vac Club         -  Reorganized
   15. World Wide Vacation Club         -  Reorganized
   16. WorldMark The Club               -  Good track record

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